Wednesday Workshop – Wednesday 06 May 2015

YB12 – Your Best Year Ever

Picture yourself 12 months on from now, looking back over the year that has just gone.

What would it take for you to look back and realise that you’d truly had the best 12 months you’d ever had?

Would your business be in a better place, would your financial position be healthier, would your life be in better balance, would your relationships with those closest to you be stronger and more fulfilling?

Whatever the specifics of what makes up your vision of your best year ever, we’re going to be talking with John Higgins of YB12 about all these great things, and also about some not so great things, such as procrastination, resistance to change, and the failure cycle – things that conspire to get in the way of our aspirations in life.

John will be delivering the YB12 Keynote Presentation, and introducing the YB12 programme which helps us develop a resolve and commitment to take action; conduct an analysis of where we are and where we need to be; create a strategy that takes us step by step to our goals; and ensure execution of our plans by building a rhythm of achievement.

John has more than 3 decades in coaching and inspiring individuals and teams, and has a passion for getting things done in a practical, down to earth way.

Your Best Year Ever is within your grasp, let’s get started.


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