Wednesday Workshop – Wednesday 5 March 2014

Have ever thought that your customers are paying too little for the product or service you provide? Do you feel undervalued by your customers? If so then the chances are you have not fully answered two fundamental questions in selling, namely;

What exactly do I sell?

What exactly is it that my customers value?

Through a mix of case study examples, a review of core selling skills and audience interaction and questions, John will outline:

–          Why, in his experience, “It’s never about the price”

–          The best way to find the answers to the questions above

–          Why many selling situations seem to be only about the price

John  is an outstanding practitioner in capability development with over 30 years experience in leading and developing sales and marketing teams. John co-founded FXL Ireland 14 years ago, in that time he has worked with major blue-chip companies as well as SMEs helping them achieve their business goals through the growth and development of their people and their business strategy.


Ranfurly Arts & Visitor Centre, Market Square, Dungannon

Note! 8:00 am to 10:00 am
Cost: £10 (including breakfast)
The purpose of the Up For Business meetings is to facilitate local businesses in Making a Difference to other businesses and business owners. Up For Business is a Not For Profit organisation

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