Wednesday Workshop – Wednesday 04 November 2015


Do you look after your business better than yourself?

Can you identify threats to your business and take action?

Are you as aware when YOU are going ‘off track’ and need to take action?

PEPSfit Self-Care for Business People is a no nonsense approach to help YOU, the business person, stay in the best possible health, Physically, Mentally, Psychologically & Spiritually.  Thus enabling you to continue running a successful business and living life to the full.

Too often Tom has witnessed businesses in much better shape than those who run them.

Tom Herron has combined his experience in life and business, with his training in Psychology, Hypnotherapy, Anatomy & Physiology, Lifestyle Coaching and Breathing Coaching to devise this PEPSfit Self-Care for Business People Program.

All PEPSfit programs show you how to become aware, identify and address problems effectively, practically, & holistically.

Remember YOU are your greatest asset!

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The purpose of the Up For Business meetings is to facilitate local businesses in Making a Difference to other businesses and business owners. Up For Business is a Not For Profit organisation