Wednesday Workshop – Wednesday 04 February 2015

Retail Masterclass – Visual Merchandising

 This masterclass will provide an in-depth, interactive and challenging workshop that will enable the retailer to make instant changes to their store, and that will inspire you to create an eye-catching window display for your business.
The session will cover:

  • How Visual Merchandising can increase your sales
  • How Visual Merchandising is used in the retail sector
  • How to DIY – a step-by-step guide to creating a display
  • The Professional VM Toolkit
  • Trade suppliers & sources


Speaker: Mags McAlpin, The Door Opener 

Margaret is an enthusiastic, creative professional with almost 20 years in the creative sector of communications, design & visual marketing. She is an experienced B2B Business Development and Sales Manager with a background in Visual Merchandising and Corporate Event Decoration, so brings a creative flair to a sensible commercial approach. She will help you develop your business in a way that is bespoke to you. The benefits to you will include new relationships with clients, enhancing your market presence and improving those sales figures. Services from The Door Opener include business introductions, creative marketing planning, mentoring, research, design and visual merchandising.


The purpose of the Up For Business meetings is to facilitate local businesses in Making a Difference to other businesses and business owners. Up For Business is a Not For Profit organisation