Wednesday Workshop – Wednesday 03 December 2014

Stress levels have risen gradually among small business owners in recent years, according to a study more than two thirds of small business owners say it is more stressful to run a business now than ever before. (June 2014 – Smallbusiness.co.uk)

 Resilience is the ability to withstand or recover from difficult situations. It includes our capacity to make the best of things, cope with stress and rise to the occasion. This brief workshop offers practical training in skills, strategies and insights that help our resilience grow.

Drawing on advice from traditional storytelling to positive psychology, we will examine ways in which we can be resilient and achieve greater emotional well-being. We’ll discuss specific ways to reduce stress and look at how, by learning to develop our personal resilience, we can enjoy our work lives more fully. Participants will develop strategies and techniques to recognize unhelpful ways of being and replace them with a mindset that enhances resilience, reduces stress and engenders a greater sense of determination.

  • Visioning skills that strengthen our sense of purpose by helping us see, and then head for, the outcomes that attract us.
  • Creative problem-solving skills that help us find a path through the obstacles in the way.
  • Emotional intelligence skills that raise our capacity to work with our emotions, so that we can benefit from the guiding signals and energy they offer.


About OUR Workshops

The session will involve a mix of tutor presentation, personal reflection, guided exercises and group discussion. The goal is to increase each participant’s ability to draw upon the resilience they need in their lives.

Speaker – Gavin Murphy

Gavin is a practising teacher, lecturer, trainer and peak performance coach. He has acquired extensive therapeutic skills; holding an Advanced Diploma in Clinical & Strategic Hypnotherapy, Master Practitioner Certification in NLP and a Diploma in Counselling from the University of Ulster. Gavin also regularly lectures on Accelerated Learning and Memory with Queens University School of Education and Stranmillas University College. As a trainer Gavin has lectured on Clinical Hypnotherapy with several professional training companies based both in Belfast and London and helped develop and deliver a wide range of accredited programmes in the field of Clinical Hypnotherapy and related areas of Continuing Professional Development. Gavin runs a successful private practice and regularly delivers lectures and talks throughout Northern Ireland on the themes of resilience and peak performance psychology. Gavin’s corporate and sports-related work defies categorization, as he traverses borders of being a peak performance coach, mentalist / magician, inspirational speaker and trainer. He uses mentalism to demonstrate, explore and inspire audiences to see how we can all think more creatively. Gavin’s motivational talks therefore combine his twin passions for the art of mentalism and expressing motivational ideas in creative, high-impact ways.


The purpose of the Up For Business meetings is to facilitate local businesses in Making a Difference to other businesses and business owners. Up For Business is a Not For Profit organisation